On this page you’ll find a ‘plain English’ guide to my terms and conditions. If you’d like to read full legal terms and disclaimers for the website including use of submitted information and cookies, please take a look at the website privacy page.


Contact details including telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses of customers are always kept entirely confidential, as are photographs which are mailed or emailed to me. I never sell or pass on any customer information to anybody, whether you end up commissioning a portrait or not. If you decide not to go ahead I won’t keep your details on record and will not email you. If you do commission a portrait I will keep a scan of your finished artwork on file in case you ever want to order another portrait or an extra print.


It hasn’t happened yet – but if you are not completely happy with the scan of your portrait and I can’t improve it to your satisfaction, then you don’t have to buy it. Likewise if you receive your portrait and are not happy you can return it for a full refund within 30 days, excluding the cost of return postage. For oil and watercolour paintings, a deposit of 35% is required, to be cleared before I start work on your portrait. However if you really aren’t happy with your finished portrait and wish to return it, then your deposit will be refunded.

If the portrait were to be lost or damaged in transit then a full refund would be issued, or a replacement of the portrait offered.

Price rises

In the event of a price rise, I will always honour the price shown on the website at the time the customer commissioned the portrait from me. The portrait is considered commissioned once I’ve received the photo reference and been given the go-ahead by the customer to start work.

Copyright for customers

Whilst I retain full image rights on the portraits I produce, I am happy for my customers to use the image of their purchased artwork for any non-commercial purpose. You can display it on social media or to make copies of it in any media you like. If you’d like a printed copy of your portrait I can order a giclée print for you: see more information here. However if you prefer you are welcome to find your own printer to make a copy for you.

Copyright for viewers of the website

This website and its content is copyright of Anna Bregman © 2008-202-. All rights are reserved and the images may not be reproduced without permission. If you are a blog owner and would like to reproduce any artwork please get in touch and I’ll usually authorise this with no charge.

Use of finished portraits

I may display finished portraits on the website, or on my Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages for the purposes of promotion. If you don’t want your portrait to appear on screen just let me know.

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