Some favourite quotes about horses

Here are some famous sayings about the most beautiful of animals.

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Horse's muzzle

“A dog maybe a man’s best friend but a horse made history…” – Anonymous

“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have” – Sir Winston Churchill

“Your horse’s behavior always seems to depend on the number of people watching you” –  Author Unknown

“It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you” – Lendon Gray

“Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse” – Danish Proverb

“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse” – R.S. Surtees

“I heard a neigh. Oh, such a brisk and melodious neigh it was. My very heart leapt with the sound” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Bread may feed my body, but my horse feeds my soul” – Arabian Poet

“A Horse! A Horse! my kingdom for a horse!” – Shakespeare

“A horse gallops with his lungs,
Perseveres with his heart,
And wins with his character” – Tesio

“Riding:  The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground”  – Author Unknown

“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people” – W.C. Fields

“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes ” – William Shakespeare, Henry V

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful- and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence” – Pam Brown

“The way to heaven is on horseback” – Author Unknown

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful” –  Alice Walker

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” – Helen Thompson

“Horses change lives. They give out young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope” – Toni Robinson

“Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world” – Josephine Demott Robinson

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