portrait gift vouchers for pencil or watercolours

Gift vouchers are useful in two ways. You may have left it too late to commission a portrait in time for a particular occasion, or you may want to give someone a surprise portrait of their child or pet, but are not able to supply me with a reference photo to work from.

Vouchers can be purchased for a portrait of any value in pencil or watercolour – please see the prices page. They are valid for a full year and can be personalized to the recipient if you give me their details (but do not reveal the amount paid, unless you want to). They also include a promotional card so people can see an example of my work, and look up the website. The back of the voucher is blank with a space to add a personal message, if you like. I can also send the voucher straight to the recipient to save time, if it is helpful.

Portrait Gift Voucher
Pet Portrait Gift Voucher

Terms and Conditions: Gift certificates must be redeemed within one year – the date will be written on the voucher itself and refers to the last date for the reference photo to be received by me. Unfortunately I’m not able to honour gift certificates longer beyond this date. Vouchers sent to UK customers are mailed free of charge, although those sent overseas may incur a postage charge. If ordering a gift voucher for a recipient outside the UK please remember to let me know so I can calculate postage costs correctly when you purchase the voucher – otherwise I may have to ask for the balance to be paid before shipping out the portrait internationally.

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