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There are so many options when it comes to framing pencil or painted portraits. I don’t offer framing myself as I prefer to focus on creating the portraits, and because it’s expensive to package and ship glass frames safely by mail – resulting in a higher cost to the customer who could go directly to their local framing shop for much less.

Framed pencil portrait photo

I also find that experienced framers generally give excellent advice on what sort of frames and mounts will compliment your portrait and in a shop are able to look at different options up against your drawing or painting, and see what looks good. In part it’s also a matter of personal taste and of finding a frame that suits your room, whether it is decorated in a traditional or in a more modern style (it might be worth taking a photo of the room on your phone camera if you have one, so you can show this to your framer)

With all of this in mind however I’ve put together some guides on what to consider when framing your portrait that I hope you’ll find useful, as well as information on how to look after it so that it stands the test of time. Drawings and paintings are framed very differently, so please choose between framing a drawing ⇒ and framing a painting ⇒

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