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I don’t specifically request testimonials from my customers, but below are some nice things they’ve written to me after seeing their portraits.

(A very big thank you to all my customers for their comments, and for giving permission for their portraits to be displayed on the website)

“Oh my goodness that is gorgeous, amazing! I have nothing to add I just LOVE it! Thank you so so much” Olivia, London

“Anna it is absolutely fantastic! It really captures his cheeky smile! How do you do it? It really is a brilliant portrait”  Iona, Edinburgh

“Can I say how pleased we are with the pictures you drew.  As someone who chose carpentry ahead of art when at school, I can only imagine how tricky it is to draw a human face and yet somehow you have managed to capture wonderfully both our boys in their own cheeky ways.  And if someone had suggested that we might have discovered ‘the right artist’ through a blind internet search, I would have told them ‘ no way’.  I shall take the liberty of recommending you to all sorts of friends…! Very many thanks.”  Toby, Wiltshire.

“Have just received the portrait. It is so lovely. Cannot wait to see my wife’s face on Christmas Day!! Again cannot thank you enough” Barry, Essex

“Not sure I got the chance to email before Christmas to thank you so very much for the brilliant portraits  that you sent through.  My husband was really thrilled with them and they are going to be framed this week… Everyone who has been to the door and seen them sitting on the hall table remarks on how like the children they are!” Liney, London

“I think the drawing is truly fabulous – thank you so much for your work and for getting this done so quickly. A heartfelt thank you. I cannot get over how you have so accurately captured my parents.” Michelle, Glasgow

“Oh we love it, it is so him! You have really captured him. Now all we have to decide is where to hang it”  Kate, London

“Wow, what a fabulous painting of Minnie, it brought a tear to the eye. First class job, thank you very much”  Brian, Essex

“Wow, wow, wow!! You’ve just made my afternoon – this is perfect, you’ve really captured both of them.”  Matthew, London

“The portrait has arrived safe and sound! Wow. Thank you so very much. It is stunning and I am so happy to be the proud owner of something like this. I will keep your card with it so I can pass out your details on request!”  Nicole, London

“We think they are just beautiful. You have really captured both girls really well. There isn’t a lot else for us to say really. We like that you have left their clothes more sketchy to emphasise the faces which works really well. Well done…”  Jamie, Henley

“What can I say. It has brought a tear to my eye. It is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait for my husband to see it. I know he will love it as much as I do. You have captured the spirit of our dogs so well – thank you so much.”  Cath, Edinburgh

“Thank you so much….you’ve captured my boys perfectly. I love the drawing and it’s a treasure we’ll have for a long time!  You are so talented and I can tell you love what you do!”  Adrienne, Fife

“Thank you so much, we are really pleased with your wonderful work – it’ll give us so much pleasure over the years”  Sheila, London

“Wow!!! It’s taken me 3 days to email you as I am still in shock as to how amazing the portraits are! They are absolutely brilliant. The grandparents were overwhelmed by the portraits on Christmas Day, I think a few tears were shed” Helen, Staffs.

“It’s just arrived I absolutely love it, you’re a very talented young lady and its obvious with every stroke of the pencil that you love what you do. Thank you so much.” Linda, Stirlingshire

“Thank you so much for the beautiful drawing  – I can’t wait to get it framed and for it to take pride-of-place in my hall! I’ll certainly be recommending your work and will avail of your talents again in the future!”  Lisa, County Tyrone

“The drawings are already here and they look amazing, thank you so much!!! I am sure I will get back to you in a few years time for the next set of drawings.”  Marianne, London

“Anna,  It has arrived and it’s even better in person. I can’t wait to give it to my mother, but I will also be sad to have to leave it behind!” Eve, London

“It looks amazing, a great likeness, a superb job thank you”  Mark, Notts

“It’s perfect – thanks! I don’t want to give it away this Christmas!” Helen, London

“Just a short note to thank you for doing such a lovely job on the portrait of my kids – bought for me by my parents for my 50th birthday. I got it yesterday and was absolutely delighted – the children were very impressed too and they usually hate having their photos on show – although this has never stopped me displaying them! It really is a great art you have there and I may well contact you myself in the future as this sort of thing does make a special gift for someone.”  Jayne, London

“Hi Anna, They are sooo beautiful!!! – (but then again the models are just gorgeous!) I am very happy with all the portraits” Sara, London

“When I read the testimonials of other customers all of the comments and thoughts were exactly my own…the likeness of Little Doug was amazing…the eager anticipation of receiving the drawing in its final form…Truly stunning. Whether it’s a family portrait, pets or children in either pencil or oils you won’t be disappointed. I shall certainly be commissioning another work from you hopefully in the not too distant future”. Jane, London

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