My favourite wintry scenes for Christmas

Not images of Christmas, specifically, but the cosiest paintings to enjoy when it’s time to wrap up warm and stay inside! Enjoy….

Childe Hassam, Winter, Midnight

Childe Hassam, Winter, Midnight, 1894.

Hassam (1859-1935) was a prolific American Impressionist painter who made some wonderful paintings of New York and Boston under snow. He moved to France to engage in formal study but like the French Impressionists he rejected the academic style of the studios and salons and developed a very free, loose style. He really captures the wildness of the weather here – the thick, heavy snow and dulled electric lighting.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Hunters In The Snow (detail)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Hunters In The Snow (detail), 1565

The Hunters In The Snow by the flemish artist Pieter Brueghel is perhaps the most famous of all snowy paintings and here is a brilliant detail showing huge icicles hanging over a bridge over the frozen canal. During the middle ages Europe experienced a ‘mini ice-age’ of very cold winter conditions and the winter months must have been harsh.

Whistler, Nocturne in Grey and Gold, Chelsea Snow

James McNeill Whistler, Nocturne in Grey and Gold, Chelsea Snow, 1896

I love Whistler and think he captures the hazy light of a snowy light, illuminated with the blurry light of a cosy warmly lit window, typically cleverly. Just a beautiful painting of late Victorian London under snow.

Hendrick Avercamp, Winter Landscape

Hendrick Avercamp, Winter Landscape, between and

Georg Pauli, Winter Evening at Söder, Stockholm

Georg Pauli, Winter Evening at Söder, Stockholm, 1889.

I saw this in Gothenburg’s Art Museum. I am a sucker for rooftops under snow and twinkly lights coming from cosy windows. There are some other fantastic Nordic paintings of snow featured in this selection of snowy scenes too.

Winslow Homer, Christmas Belles

Winslow Homer, Christmas Belles, from Harper’s Weekly, January 2, 1869

The famous American painter and printmaker Winslow Homer drew this rather fantastically glamorous sleigh ride.

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